Hello world.

This blog has been a long time coming. I remember I was in high school when ‘Web Logs’ were just taking off and while I was happy to sign away my identity for an email address, the potential to write up my thoughts and post them out to a largely non-existent audience just seemed like too much work. That, and the word ‘Blog’ is one of the ugliest in modern English and I really didn’t want to encourage anyone by being part of the emerging global bowel, er Blog movement.

During the last decade a few ‘Bloggers’ (see what I mean?) came to the attention of regular people via the new phenomenon of people communicating with one another, dubbed ‘social media’, as well as reports made in classical anti-social media. These online authors were even encouraged to publish their collected ramblings as books, official web sites and even screen plays. A new avenue was opened for aspiring creatives everywhere, while editors the world over wept bitterly, or just yelled at their computer monitors.

So is it time for me to jump on the bandwagon, maybe even make a break into the big bad profitable world beyond the Blogosphere? (Ok, I promise myself never to use the word ‘blog’ again or any derivation thereof… starting now) – No, on the contrary, now these… digital diaries (better than digital diuretics) are so popular (over 150 million exist today) that I finally have a second chance at creating a discontinuous jumble of random thoughts that nobody will read. Freedom.

I’ve been told that it is good form for a professional writer to consider their audience when composing a piece. So who is my audience? ME! If you are reading this, or any of my posts, then I must confess, they are completely self indulgent. So, who am I? A good question, but one that will have to wait for another post.

So, to sum up, these posts have no purpose. Other than making terrible puns, there is no focus or theme. Writing makes me happy. And you, my imaginary reader, I like to imagine you smiling. Otherwise simply ignore all this, it’s a big world out there and there aren’t enough minutes in your life to be wasted on inconsequential nonsense.



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