The seeds of suffering

Forced beat boxing
poor feet poxing
panther panting
tensing taxing
peanut butter
broken banter
tangled wire
some tiny clatter
beauty branded
Berlin battered
tempest tempted
tattered standards
flip it backwards
send it forwards
bounty baked but
nothing matters
prolog foreword
index ending
time false start
a new beginning.

no two feet stepping
a provocation
swing a futon back
to a new location
seventeen degrees
of separation
all of us depart
from the chains we’re making
a momentary shuffle
a risk worth taking
seeds of suffering
shelve the covering
sort yourself out
persist in vanishing
it’s just a glimpse
of what’s unseen
the hidden agenda
of every thing
we’ve slayed our illusions
our demons too
the truth is not what’s out there
it’s what we do.


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