Spartacus Wrecks

You know those guys at the airport who stand near the baggage collection with a sign, or more recently a tablet computer, with someone’s name on it – a driver or concierge to take someone to their destination – and let’s just say the name is John Biggs.  So you walk up to this well dressed individual and confidently announce “I am John Biggs”.  Then your travelling companion struts up before they have a chance to react and yells, “NO! I am John Biggs!” Now timing is important here to keep everyone off guard, so with staggered introductions and little delay, each of the 20 members of your extreme Scrabble team join the scene and announce that they are in fact John Biggs.  The joke gets old quickly, but regains vigour when John Biggs arrives and tries to claim his ride.

visual puns

Hey there!


This game never gets old.

Going for a drive somewhere. Pass a field full of hay bales. Yell out “HEY!!!!”, loudly and without warning.

Point out the window for added effect.

(For safety reasons I only recommend attempting this if you are the driver. I’ve also noticed that after about the fifth time the passengers tend to mutiny. If this does happen just sigh and with a heavy, reassuring voice, say “hey…” And point out the window. It’s a strange phenomenon known as ‘pun overload’ – no harm can come to you.)

Speaking of pun overload…