Serial Killer Movie Titles

So, there was a remake of a film on TV called ‘The Stepfather’ about a guy that moves in with a family, then murders them all before moving on. It looked pretty bad. But it made me wonder, what else would make good titles for serial killer movies? 

The Orthodontist – “I’m sorry, those teeth have to come out”


The Optometrist – “The last thing you’ll ever see”


The Podiatrist – “Umm… something to do with feet?”


The Checkout Chick – “Time for you to check out / Clean up, aisle 9”


The IT guy – “He’ll try switching you off and on again” (some kind of cyborg, slasher thing)


The Forensic Scientist – “Oh wait, that’s Dexter. Much better title”


The Architect – “Devil in the detail / Your demise was predetermined / Bespoke Destruction”


The Baker – “Early to rise” (undead thriller?)


The Butcher – “… I’ve got nothing.”


The Candlestick Maker – “Jack be nimble, Jack be quick / You’re Snuffed”


The Motoring Enthusiast – “Yay, I’m a senator!” (An Australian horror story)


The Comedian – “He’ll have the last laugh”


The Locksmith – “You think you’re safe?”


The Philosopher – “I think, therefore you’re not”