The great TP famine

Why does the media triple ply us with the terror of shelves wiped free of TP, only furthering the run of a shitty situation? Sure I’m poo pooing this, but you know urinal lot of trouble people are literally tearing at each other in the aisles because they can’t get their hands on some soft cushiony toilet paper. I know our butts are on the line, but this is breaking families apart – as they go to different aisles to get around the ‘one carton per transaction’ rule.

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something we don’t know

Do you ever get that strange feeling, that doubt, just on the edge of consciousness, as you drive towards a city, some known bastion of civilisation, when the visible length of your lane is empty but for you, yet there is an endless stream of traffic heading the opposite direction – do you ever, just for a moment, think… Godzilla?