‚ÄčThere is a certain beauty

In an imperfect thing

Evisioned as a perfect map

From an imperfect mind

Some broken state of being

A catastrophic creation

A cup with a chip

A blemished bowl

Some alliterated altercation

Long ago, or closer still

An historic fascination

When this being became complete


When viewed through a perfect lens

Of a perfect idea

Of that which is no longer

By an imperfect mind

And forced to confirm this self

This deluded force

Which sees what isn’t there

And in the absence of perfection


photos, visual puns

Step Parents Wanted

Don’t neglect your steps.

It’s a serious matter.  I once stumbled across a whole case of these left unattended. The situation quickly descended into chaos.


Be mindful of your little step

He’ll trip you as he pleases

He only does it to annoy

As door jambs let in breezes.

       (Apologies to Lewis Carroll)


Prophetic Desolation

When the world is stripped of uses
tomorrow wake and find
a fate with no excuses
a past you can’t rewind.

Forget those lapping waters
that island in your mind
for ignorance is golden
(but resale value is unkind).

Breathe in dust
Skin, nails, rust
stagger on
remember us.

You did just what
you had to do
you could do no other
you you you.

And nothing
And nothing
And silence in the wilderness.

Is this the end?
(this is the start)
this act’s unwritten
live your part.


Your thought for the day

Throughout our lives our experiences and social interactions shape our modes of being and our opinions.  For some of us these opinions become rigid, mentally isolated from the flux of being which originally gave them form.  This inflexibility will cause conflict to arise in this shared world of ours – but do not fret.  It is not difficult to change somebody’s mind.  All you need is some patience, a little time and a mad surgeon with some serious blades and a co-operative or sufficiently restrained brain donor.  Never give up on people.  And if you’re really ambitious you can follow Ghandi’s advice and “be the change”.  Change a mind, change a life (or two).




When ideas take root