What kind of world are we building, when we have to put warning labels on books?



A Novel Idea


It’s about time

What is with this ad?


An Australian actor who plays an American psychologist on a TV show, posing with a horse. …sorry, what?

I understand the company likes horses – but how does this make people want to buy a watch? You can barely see it!

Which is fine, I guess, since “elegance is an attitude”.

Would that be like a fast food company stating that “hunger is a state of mind”?

Or a cosmetics company saying “beauty is subjective”?

If I were selling watches I’d come up with a relevant catch phrase, like: “Do you know what time it is? No? Time to get a watch!”

Though I could only sell cheap watches. Not everyone can afford elegance.


I may have a problem

Yesterday, walking along in one of those free-form swarms of people that forms after waiting for the pedestrian light to turn green, I noticed something just off the side of the footpath. Someone had abandoned a large construction bolt which now lay wedged into the grating of a storm water drain. First I wondered how it was possible that nobody else seemed to have noticed this. Then I wondered if I could use this piece of metal, but couldn’t find any excuse to take it. So I kept walking as the image of the bolt lingered in my mind and my imagination began to filter words, searching, playing, looking for some joke, some witty observation (but it’s a bolt in a drain), some pun… Bolt. “Attempting to bolt.” I smiled and turned back against my fellow pedestrians. I reached for my phone, it doesn’t have a great camera, but it’s always on hand. I reached the spot, the bolt was still there – but the sun was behind me and my shadow obscured the scene. I just need to get to the other side…

That was the moment I caught myself, about to step into midday city traffic. To take a photo. Of a bolt. In a drain. For that terrible pun.

I may have a problem. I think Curio has it in for me.