Human reed

In my hands

Time itself

I could put it down

But I can’t pick it up again

Minutes pass

Is it colder?


I can’t tell anymore


Clocks are just ticking things

Life makes them ring

Fingers withered

My voice still sings

The spark and the fuel

For the myriad things

It’s all just words

It’s all just words

Still now old aeolian harp

This one’s for you



Time to go


Clock Off

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Being and Thyme

I too was young like you


Now I’m only good for barbecue

I was

Weathered by the winds of time

World weary

The glow of youth has gone


A pepper is a pepper is a pepper


Skin leathery or crisp


Bring flavour with equal satisfaction 


When we’re all in the same pot

Life itself.



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Metro Gnome

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More is Better

Tired of 2 dimensional films?

Bored with 3 dimensions?

You’ve even tried making the images move by adding time and you can’t seem to break the banality of it all?

Well lament no more… Coming to a cinema near you* –


Critics are calling it: “Unreal”.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.”

“That extra dimension really pulled me in.”

“I’d ride the penteract again.”




*actual proximity to cinema will vary depending on your position in space and time.  Depending on your adopted theory of a fifth dimension, your state on this plane could be mathematically valid but will have no bearing on your ability to locate the virtual rollercoaster.


Know what time it is?


Tax time

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Pointed Reminder


Sugar Rush

This morning I was pouring sugar from its bag into a bowl that we store it in and I was struck by the sensation of it all.  That movement, the granular rush, the flow, I couldn’t help but be reminded of an hourglass.  The slip of moments, seconds, minutes, time, passing away, drawing me forwards, ever closer to that inevitability – type 2 diabetes.


It’s about time

What is with this ad?


An Australian actor who plays an American psychologist on a TV show, posing with a horse. …sorry, what?

I understand the company likes horses – but how does this make people want to buy a watch? You can barely see it!

Which is fine, I guess, since “elegance is an attitude”.

Would that be like a fast food company stating that “hunger is a state of mind”?

Or a cosmetics company saying “beauty is subjective”?

If I were selling watches I’d come up with a relevant catch phrase, like: “Do you know what time it is? No? Time to get a watch!”

Though I could only sell cheap watches. Not everyone can afford elegance.