Heuristic Bar Joke

A teacher, a trainer and a facilitator walk into a bar.


The first says: “Do you realise that we each have different theoretical underpinnings which denote separate pedagogical practices?”


The second says: “But rather than  being descriptive, our titles are industry based and continually re-defined and re-applied.”


The third says: “What actually happens, day to day while we undertake our work, depends on our individual characteristics far more than the label on our contracts.”


At this point the bartender turned around and said: “That’s very interesting.  Which one of you just said that?”  


But nobody knew.


That switch that doesn’t seem to be connected to anything.


Every home needs one

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More is Better

Tired of 2 dimensional films?

Bored with 3 dimensions?

You’ve even tried making the images move by adding time and you can’t seem to break the banality of it all?

Well lament no more… Coming to a cinema near you* –


Critics are calling it: “Unreal”.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.”

“That extra dimension really pulled me in.”

“I’d ride the penteract again.”




*actual proximity to cinema will vary depending on your position in space and time.  Depending on your adopted theory of a fifth dimension, your state on this plane could be mathematically valid but will have no bearing on your ability to locate the virtual rollercoaster.


It’s about time

What is with this ad?


An Australian actor who plays an American psychologist on a TV show, posing with a horse. …sorry, what?

I understand the company likes horses – but how does this make people want to buy a watch? You can barely see it!

Which is fine, I guess, since “elegance is an attitude”.

Would that be like a fast food company stating that “hunger is a state of mind”?

Or a cosmetics company saying “beauty is subjective”?

If I were selling watches I’d come up with a relevant catch phrase, like: “Do you know what time it is? No? Time to get a watch!”

Though I could only sell cheap watches. Not everyone can afford elegance.