Hungover after a big night partying?

This place has got you covered.

2P or not 2P?  That is the question.  

No wait, 2F.  Sorry.  I’m bad with directions.



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The Terracotta Warriors are the legacy of China’s first emperor, Qin Shi Huang.  A massive burial complex – chambers filled with individualised castings of entire army divisions including horses, chariots and equipment. A mountain carved out with (what historians believe to be) a replica of the entire Middle Kingdom, with rivers of mercury. A pivital point in history, a glimpse into the past, the seed of a chain of empires, the foundation of a country.


It should be no surprise that this immense cultural heritage is taken very seriously.



It’s all a bit Mickey Mouse


I’m so confused.  
Is that letting me know there is no food here?

Or is that the name of the restaraunt?


Yes. It is. Not.

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More is Better

Tired of 2 dimensional films?

Bored with 3 dimensions?

You’ve even tried making the images move by adding time and you can’t seem to break the banality of it all?

Well lament no more… Coming to a cinema near you* –


Critics are calling it: “Unreal”.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.”

“That extra dimension really pulled me in.”

“I’d ride the penteract again.”




*actual proximity to cinema will vary depending on your position in space and time.  Depending on your adopted theory of a fifth dimension, your state on this plane could be mathematically valid but will have no bearing on your ability to locate the virtual rollercoaster.


Some of this regulation is a bit extreme.

Why all the hatred of superheroes?



Oh… I see.

With great power comes great …censorship.


No Heroics




Never Forget